FlexWall Home Protects Your Network

Ivan Mauger Internet Security Home Services

Know that your home internet is safe with FlexWall Home. No more accidental malware on the kid’s devices or neighbors borrowing your connection to download files, FlexWall is a complete solution at an affordable monthly rate that offers:

  • Single Web Based Control Console
  • Offline Threat Protection
  • User Policy Controls
  • Installs in seconds
  • Productivity and Cleaner Tools
  • Conflict Free Security
  • Privacy Shield
  • Global Support
  • Multiple Restore States

With FlexWall Home our users are up and running in moments with scans taking less than 5 minutes. Clients are available for Windows, Mac, Laptops, and Web Based clients for other devices (with decreased functionality).

FlexWall keeps itself up-to-date consistently and checks in with the malware databases multiple times per day. This check-in is done as an idle process and will not interfere with any work the device is currently doing.

Unlike other security solutions FlexWall Home doesn’t slow down any device it is on and with a fully remote management system server management costs can be reduced or even eliminated. With FlexWall Home you can also view users:

  • Active Directory
  • WorkGroups
  • IPs
  • Username
  • Full Name