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Find out is your business network is safe. You might be surprised at what we find.

Intranet Scan

Protect your entire business with a single point of failure. Also scans wireless internet services

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Learn how your company can add value to your offerings with custom security packages.

Who We Are

Security is more than software.
At Ivan Mauger we know what it takes to secure the best broadband offers for business networks both from within, and outside a firewall. Over the last 10 years we have used our extensive experience to help internet service firms secure their entire networks. We now offer this service to others in the business community and accross many verticals.

Dedication to customer service is what makes us different.
We know that customer care is important in the security business. When everything is working as it should someone should always be available on the phone, and when you business is under attack someone should be in your office managing the situation. This something we understand and pride ourselves on doing.

More News

Google leaves most Android users exposed to hackers
According to the article "Internet Service Providers in my Area" 60% of all Android users have a massive security flaw that they will have to live with. As of now google has refused to fix it and it is not on their RADAR anytime soon.

SpaceX plans new type of Satellite Internet Service
Google plans to support SpaceX and invest in a new type of satellite Internet service that will serve billions of users that do not currently have access to high speed internet. Google has been trying to find creative ways to deliver internet to rural area and this just might be it.

Latest News

Jan. 23, 2015
Target Internet Breach Raises Security Awareness
Avoidance is key, but containment and minimization are the focus now.

Jan. 20, 2015
Who is winning the cybersecurity war?
Headlines suggest hackers run the internet, but that might not be true.